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Only you can be the change that you want to see in your life.

Transforming your beliefs about food and body is my mission. Here is just a snapshot of what women are saying…


Lalie M. – 

Hicunni is so amazing! Her passion for helping us eat healthier without judgment and wrapped in love is just what we need in our family.

Melanie B. – 

I love how upbeat and laid back you are! Hicunni is always so encouraging and has shared some simple, yummy recipes that my family really enjoys.

Aliya B. – 

Hicunni has always been a foodie. A genuine foodie and has always been open to trying new things. When she embarked on her journey into veganism, she started sharing a lot of what she learned. As her knowledge grew, she took me along for the ride, introducing me to new foods, educating me on how different foods affect my body and how different foods were put here to heal. She was a very big influence and point of reference when I started my lifestyle change as well as a great source of support. She makes healthy look and taste great. When it comes to what food is good for/goes best with/helps with/does… it’s always- ask Hicunni. Google who? Lol

Nicole M. – 

Hicunni is very knowledgeable on the long term benefit on the best foods to eat and thy will have on your body. She has shared many healthy recipes and strategies on how to get my children to eat more veggies. I am amazed on how much information that she knows and the importance of eating healthy.

Marice W. –

I think you are doing a super job getting the word out about nutrition and heath and traveling.

Dorothy M. –

Hicunni is awesome in sharing information on various health issues and what we can do about! All about health and nutrition. She is very good at what she does. I truly admire her and the health topics she presents to us.

Micki W. –

I love catching Hicunni’s broadcasts! I learn so much about how to increase health. Her advice is always practical and can be implemented immediately. Thanks so much for all the great info, Hicunni!

Kimberly Marie –

Hicunni takes her time to educate her followers
And clients how to take care of themselves and live a healthy lifestyle through awesome superfood nutrition, essential oils, and being aware of the body mind connection to eating. I love her educational videos. She has a fun loving sweet spirit that just brightens my day when I watch her.

Lux –

I recently completed the Body Love Shadow Work intensive with Hicunni I think every woman should complete this program. Hicunni creates a safe and judgement free environment that cultivates compassion and patience during this healing process. The exercises she assigns are simple, yet extremely effective. She’s helped me change the way I look at myself: past, present and future. Working with Hicunni has helped me change my perspective on life and I have newfound love, respect and pride in myself. If you haven’t had a session with Hicunni, you need to get your life together…she can help.

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