There’s No Cookie Cutter Weight

The hourglass figure is not the goal. The goal is to be comfortable in your own skin to love yourself where you are.  – Hicunni Chandler



We are going to talk about Your body and weight. Our world has an obsession with trying to lose weight and get to that perfect body.  There are a lot of people who are considered overweight by our society.

Number Crunching Is Not What It Is All About

Losing weight is not just about crunching numbers. According to Marc David, founder of The Institute for the Psychology  of Eating, “a number based diet is never truly long-lasting.”

In fact,  98% of people who diet, end up gaining their weight back….98% gain their weight back”…what?? That is a huge percentage!

So why continue with the same punishing cycle when you get the same results? There is no magic pill.

If there was, it would have worked already.

A Closer Look

Even though adult obesity is declining…just a little, because  it is still high in the US, more and more obesity in children is skyrocketing…

Melanated people have the highest rate of obesity, especially those of African descent. So what do we do?

On one hand..number crunching the calories is not sustainable but on the other hand, a change needs to take place to reverse the number of overweight people in the US.

As you can see there are other factors that come into play that affects a person’s weight. We are going to dive into, what eating psychology coaches call, metabolizers on our journey together going forward.

The Flip Side

What about those that can’t gain weight? These are the people that may not get the same attention as those that are overweight. Well I should say…negative attention..or do they?

Maybe these are the people that others want to be like. Do you think underweight people struggle with having that cookie cutter weight…that perfect body?

There is no perfect weight.

There is no perfect weight. The hourglass figure is not the goal. The goal is to be comfortable in your own skin to love yourself where you are. Even through your transitions and weight fluctuations in life…this is the first step to transformation.

My Story (short version)

At this time I would like to share my story and my prayer is that you will be encouraged to

Just in case you are still trying to figure out what i do. I am a Mind Body Eating Coach & Food Strategist and what that means is I help women in business transform their beliefs about food and body.

Growing up I had a poor self image of myself. I have always been really thin. Of course many people want to try get to that size and there is nothing wrong with that.

Growing up where i lived being thin was looked down upon, you had to have a nice shape and curves. I was always told that I was too skinny that I needed to eat. There was always some negativity thrown my way.

It wasn’t that I didn’t eat, I love food. I have always been a foodie. Love trying new restaurants and new foods. It didn’t matter how much food I ate I couldn’t gain weight.

I wasn’t happy

I tried all of the suggestions that people gave me, all because I wasn’t happy with my body.  Trying to be what people wanted me to be. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin.

I thought that I was ugly, that i didn’t matter, that I was looked over because of my body.

As I grew up, I felt that I needed to overeat, that somehow maybe if I do that my body would change.

I am almost 40 and my body structure is still the same. I can say now though I am happy  with my body and with who I am. I am beautiful just the way I am.

Be Free My Friend

I love to encourage people to be free to be who they are. Even though I had a poor self image growing up, I always wanted to encourage people.

I was always giving some type of advice to friends. I wanted to make them feel good about themselves, To make them feel special.  Because to be honest, I too wanted to feel good about myself.

And it’s not like I didn’t have people in my life, my mom has always been my biggest cheerleader to remind me that I am beautiful just the way I am…but I had to choose to believe that.

The downside is I struggled with digestion and gallbladder issues over the years because I wasn’t feeding my body specifically what it needed.

That got me more  determined to research  how the body functions and how to better care for the body in general. Even with dealing with my children and their food allergies, it caused me to really want to share tips and strategies to help others on their eating journey.

Wisdom called

Now that I am older, I can say I love myself and I still love to encourage people. I still love food.  You have to learn to love you …and find out what is going to best nourish you.

You’ve Got This

So how can you do that? If nothing changes…if you are unable to lose or gain that weight…if you can’t fix those wrinkles or hips..can you still love yourself and enjoy your life?


Stick with me and we will work together take back your life and transform your relationship with food.


I want you to look in the mirror and say to that pretty face looking back at you.

“If nothing changes…I still love you.”  (repeat) Do that for the next few days.

Share with a friend that needs a quick reminder.


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