Finding Clarity Frees Your Mind

Finding Clarity Frees Your Mind

Clarity is the key that unlocks the door of a mind in chains – Hicunni Chandler


It’s nothing like figuring out what your next step is. It is a great feeling to have that aha moment where you can start to execute what you have been trying to do for so long.

It’s nothing like waking up feeling free and refreshed that things are starting to make sense.

There’s nothing like waking up being satisfied with the decisions that you have made.

Mind freedom is a beautiful thing. Clarity is the key that unlocks the door of a mind in chains. Have you misplaced your keys?

Steps to Finding Clarity To Free Your Mind

  1. Write down everything that you have been wanting to do but haven’t for various reasons
  2. If you could do any of those things NOW, what would it be.
  3. Circle those things.
  4. Really search your heart as to why those things have been left undone.
  5. What could you do now to start accomplishing those things.
  6. Create  vision board or list them on a piece of paper so you can see them daily.
  7. Start visualizing and meditating on those things…seeing yourself accomplishing them
  8. At some point you may discover out of all of those things, one or two may stand out more.
  9. As you continue through this process you may notice that the anxiety that you once had, the confusion you once had, and the frustration that you once had has started to dissipate.

Congratulations! You have found your keys and you are really starting to walk in freedom.


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