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215: Unlocking Mobility: Ms. Vira’s Sneak Peek into Circl Mobility

A survey went out “What is the number one fitness item on your to-do list?” Ms. Vira  responded and said ”Circl Mobility”  Welcome back! Today, let’s explore Ms. Vira’s top fitness pick: Circl Mobility. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a busy mom, or grinding the 9-5, Circl Mobility is here to help you release stress, […]

What’s My Favorite Wednesday, Part 1

​ What’s My Favorite Wednesday, Part1: Episode 191 We will share a favorite episode snippet: (Episode 162, 4 Time-Effective Strategies for Incorporating Healthy Habits into Your Busy Routine.) Welcome to Conversations with Hicunni, the podcast that understands how challenging it can be to prioritize your health and well-being when juggling work, family, and a never-ending […]

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