3 Keys To Homeschool Permanently

On my podcast a few months ago, I talked about 3 keys to homeschool your children permanently. I have been podcasting here, for almost a year now. 

The dynamics have changed a lot due to the state of this world right now. Many have been forced to homeschool these days. I’ve been homeschooling by choice for over a decade now.

My mindset back in the day

In the past, when I envisioned a homeschool mom, she wore a long dress and a bun. Crazy right? But I never saw this way of life coming my way. (minus what I envisioned)

I have an accounting and management background, really focused on number crunching and a stickler for structure. So to be a stay at home mom, let alone a homeschool mom, this was something that was just never on my radar. I did always wanted to get married and have children, but I just thought like everyone  else you, find a daycare to send your kids to while you go to work. 

How did we start…

It was my husband’s idea first, but we quickly got the sign to move forward. We went from a two income home to a one income home within 2 weeks. No major prepping or  extra money saved to do it. I don’t think you can plan perfectly for this, but looking back some extra money would have been nice! He did get a part-time job and at one point he worked the equivalent of 2 full-time jobs, just to make sure we had what we needed.

This would have flowed better if we were not over spending and had massive amounts of debt. Lessons to learn….make sure you are on a budget and if you have some debt, you need a plan to pay it off. It took a while be we learned…the hard way! 

I want to share 3 keys To Homeschool Your Children Permanently

  1. Make sure you have support for your homeschooling journeyPlease come to an agreement with your spouse. You want to  make sure you both are on the same page. You want it to be a smooth transition and things to flow smoothly.
  2. Make sure you are homeschooling legallyMake sure you’re operating according to your state guidelines. Most states require documentation to withdraw our children from public school. Every state has different guidelines, so make sure that you’ do your homework.
  3. Involve your kids in the decision making – Allow your children to add value based on how they learn. Some children are more auditory learners, visual, or kinesthetic learners. What do they like to do? Do they like superheroes? What about Harry Potter? You could create book reports and different projects centered around their interests. There are a plethora of ways of providing your child with  a great home education. 

Overall as home educators, you want to provide a great foundation in order for them to succeed and thrive.

So, I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a comment. And also, below I have a few resources to help you get started with homeschooling. 

Chat soon:)

Hicunni Chandler

Author & Creator

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Homeschool Resources

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