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Just a few fitness *articles to get you focused and up your wellness game. Enjoy!

*latest wellness articles, blog posts, podcasts, news, and so much more. Keep a look out for weekly updates

Yoga & Stretching

Add more balance by adding a little yoga 🙂

Latest News

Yoga & Body Image

Speedy Yoga

How Stretching Improves Your Wellness

Kemetic Yoga

Free Yoga Classes Online

Yoga News

Zumba & Dance

Dance like no one is looking – Unknown

Zumba Classes Online

Zumba Fitness Wear 10% Off ~ Code: KEENIE09

Why Dance = Fitness

Self-Care Body Moves

Ballroom Dancing +

More Dancing

Jogging & Running

Jogging everyday is a great way to start your day – a homeschool mom

Why Run

Run Tracker

Athletics Tube

Running Apps

Running Motivation

Other Resources


Add some meditation to help transform your mind and create the life that you want.

What Is Meditation

365 Day Meditation Journal

Meditation = Stress Less

The Body Love Mindset Meditation

Other Resources


Keep calm and do calisthenics – DP

Beginners Calisthenics

Free Book With Kindle Unlimited

Calisthenics Strength Training

Full Body Workout

Other Resources

Other Fitness

Nutrition is more than what you eat and the weight that you carry – HC . The latest fitness tips, hacks, and resources at your finger tips.

US News Wellness

Why Sleep Is Important

Workout with Shaun T

How To Add Mindful Movement

Best Dumbbell Exercises

3 Simple Steps To Practicing Mindfulness

Sleep Smarter

Beginners Crash Course – Chakras

Mental Health

You are showing love to self when you take care of yourself. – HC

Clinical Hypnotherapy With Rosie

National Alliance on Mental Illness

The Top Sleep Apps

Melanin & Mental Health

Exhale – BIWOC Well-Being

3 Mental Health Tools for Minorities

Strong Hearts Native Hotline

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