3 Simple Steps To Practicing Mindfulness | Starting Today

Yes, start today with these 3 simple steps to practicing mindfulness.

Did you know a regular mindfulness meditation practice can reduce post traumatic stress disorder symptoms 73% of the time?

So What Is Mindfulness Exactly?

Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally… in the service of self-understanding and wisdom – Jon Kabat-Zinn

Did you get all of that? It’s like going to a support meeting for a challenge that you are going through. The first step is to admit that you have a problem. However, in this case, it’s all about awareness. You are becoming aware of what you are doing, feeling, saying – at the present moment.

Just thinking about this topic makes me hungry because it takes me into the eating psychology mode. You are sitting down getting ready to eat a delicious meal.

Before you start eating, what if you decided to take notice of the colors on your plate? You see how the chef didn’t just throw the food on your plate. Or if you are at home, you observe how everything you prepared is spread out on your plate. (or piled on high – my fav)

You notice the aroma and how your mouth begins to water because you have been so busy, this is your first meal of the day. You stop to take a deep breath and end with a little gratitude and thankfulness that you are able to share a meal with your family. You get it right? YES!

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Here are 3 Simple Steps To Practicing Mindfulness that you can start today:

1. Check in with yourself, notice how you are feeling right now. What are you thinking about right now? If you could put an emotion to what you are feeling, what is one word that peaks your focus? Is your heart racing? Are your hands shaky or tingling?

What is the first sound that you hear? I have a question for you. Is this exercise making you feel worse? Please use this time to observe not to judge yourself. You are more than everything that you are feeling right now.

2. Repeat. You are learning how to be present. Every time you are able to notice that your “thoughts are wandering” – that means that you are mindful of what is going on – you are doing it girl! You are practicing mindfulness. This is giving you more insight as to why you are always asking “where did the time go?” Be patient with yourself.

3. Add a few minutes of  mindfulness meditation everyday – Breathe! Why learn to meditate? Meditation helps to dive into your subconscious. Into those things that are automatic. It brings those things to the surface so you can then deal with them. You are able to “pay attention, on purpose” ?

For this mindfulness practice sit up in your bed or the floor on your favorite yoga mat. Make sure your shoulders are upright and add a pillow on your back for a little comfort. Your knees can be supported, lotus position, or criss cross apple sauce works well also.

 A great recommendation that was given to me, some years ago, if you are just beginning to incorporate this practice into your daily routine, don’t meditation lying down unless you want to drift back off to sleep. Click here for a quick 5 minute how to meditation audio

Let’s Talk More About Meditation For Everyday Living

Meditation deepens the connection with self. It’s a great mindful meditation practice that can take care of your well being, pulling back the layers of difficult emotions that you often bury down. Just a basic meditation has been proven by tons of practitioners to help add some self compassion back to you.

Learning how to practice mindfulness can reduce stress, anxiety, and boost your self esteem. You are showering yourself with compassion -adding that sweet self-care to your mindfulness toolkit. Patience is key.

Isn’t it nice to have a wonderful guide to meditation and mindfulness?

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Mindful Learning – The Resources Never End

There are many resources available out there. Sometimes too much information can make you complacent. This is a space that keeps it real simple. It’s a place where you can let your hair down and get the real deal, no fluff. Too much fluff can give you a headache, right?

Hopefully since you now know what mindfulness is, you can help those in your circle clear up their misconceptions about mindfulness. Adding these mindful practices is the best community action plan.

What is your #1 struggle right now? You don’t have wallow in frustration. Your memory can improve. You can have a better quality of life. Aren’t you ready to bring some happiness back into your life?

It’s time to live that mindful life. It’s time to add that loving kindness back and time to wake up in the morning with gratittude instead of dread. You can start a new habit today. Let’s keep it simple.

All you have to do now is get my signature guided meditation here. This is one of my special offers, an easy meditation practice for your daily life. Mindful living one day at a time.

Get Fancy…Resources  + Recommendations

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