You Can Let Go

For days just sitting and pondering about the best most meaningful mindfulness post that I could come up with. You know that post to lead 2020 out with a bang.

The list got longer and longer as to all of the highlights of the year. I decided not to go to fancy and and 1000 links back to all of the things that happened for 2020. Maybe I will do that later.

However, as I am typing this at 9:27pm, New Year’s Eve, I’m just trying to stay awake and get this dang post out.

So here are a few things I wrote down…links can be added later, if you want more information, feel free to send me a message: I check my own email!

A Few Highlights of 2020 In No Particular Order

⭐ 1/5/20 started Conversations With Hicunni podcast

⭐ Hosted my first online self-care bootcamp: Self Care Boss Bootcamp

⭐ Started Self Care Boss Society  Membership Community, with paid members

⭐ Accepted my first Shadow Work clients

⭐ Created this blog space,

⭐ Created a family website,

⭐ Add more affiliates to my Affiliate marketing business

⭐ Reached over 100k+ monthly viewers on Pinterest – not the case now, but at least I did it lol

⭐ Started teaching my own Zumba classes at 2 different Recreation Centers, then covid hit! Damn covid..(.did I say that out loud?  )

⭐ Hosted a Zumba online class

⭐ Spoke at 2 community events centered around eating psychology and mindfulness practices

⭐ My kids are taking Spanish 1 – help us !

⭐ I created a meditation journal in less than 2 days – and it is still profitable

⭐Updated my Meal Planning Ebook

⭐ Started A Foodie Chronicle Membership then decided to use all of my courses for my course vault for my patreon users.

⭐ My husband got us all jogging. My record is over 3 miles without stopping

These are just a few things that kept me busy besides being a wife and homeschooling mom!

There the buzz going on today…


Just wanted to share my #1 Takeaway, Life Lesson from 2020.

A video is much better, don’t you think?

I know….it’s just another number, however, people still freak out! So let’s add some calm back, shall we?!

So, grab your smoothie or cup of tea and join the conversation. Let’s go!

Resources Mentioned In The Video Today + Recommended:

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