How To Prepare For The Age Of Aquarius

At 11:11 am, December 20,2020, 11 days before the end of the year/ 2020, I decided firmly that I would not post any “new” content, but would start posting highlights of this year’s journey. From Mindful pinterest posts focused on self love and awareness, to mindset hacks, saving and making money, to how to keep your sanity when the shit hits the fan. 

There has been quite a bit of buzz about going into the Age of Aquarius, You can google all of the things to get a better understanding. There are tone of articles for moments of reflection and capturing a gret explaination of it.

Right now we are going to focus on some simple tips/ways to prepare you for the age of Aquarius and to give you a better understanding of reality. 

But first let’s take a step back for a bit.

With the wake of the coronavirus, people dying, and being on lockdown, the mental toll that it has taken on this human race is hard to calculate. At first many were just thinking that this was part of the current hype. Just another thing to keep people distracted.

Although there may be some truth to it, we can’t deny that people are dying of “something”. Before the pandemic hit, many young people/ college students were preparing for their corporate high profile careers, a career in luxury, in hopes to give them that lifestyle they have always dreamed of.

Now with mom and pop businesses closing as well as other corporations shifting the way they have to do business, many young students and adults are reevaluating what their next move might be.

All of the social media platforms these days have been inundated with the election and corruption that many are trying to cover up, it’s no wonder different belief systems are being challenged right now. People are hurting and suffering and doing church online and bed time prayers are often seen as not enough.

There is a need for a deeper level of awareness, a greater sense of peace, some deep joy that seems unattainable at this point. In order for things to change and people to see something better and have better, is for a collective shift to take place. There’s always an opportunity for growth, and the only way to have that is to go within.

It’s time to become the truest version of yourself. It’s all about self discovery. What is it going to take for you to become the change that you want to see in this world?

There Are 3 Ways That You Can Prepare For The Age Of Aquarius

1. Add Some Gratitude 

Adding some gratitude is some of the best spiritual wisdom that someone can give you. Do a little reflection of your past and where you have been. What were your beliefs back then? How as your limited understanding kept you from reaching your goals? How has it maybe shielded you when you needed safety? You are still here, so look at all of the good and the bad life experiences as a vehicle and is propelling you for greater things in this new age. You have some skin in the game, endurance to walk into your next “thing” like a boss! 

2. Open Your Heart 

The best way to open your heart is to practice the art of medition. With just 5 minutes a day (you have to start somewhere) you start letting go of what no longer serves you and change the way that you see the world. To add to this, start learning how to balance your heart chakras. Shift your energy and elevate your vibrations. More love is key. It’s time to be open to the magical and mystical things to come. Knowing its going to take some embodiment practices and meditation to get that deep peace and focus on the next dimension. 

All hearts and minds clear? You have support here, just take some baby steps to living this soulful life. A deeper connection of body awareness is imperiative. There’s no race, it this sounds too woo-woo or you are not ready, just start meditating first. A little goes a long way.

There is a lot of content from videos that you can glean from, but I highly recommended starting here 

3. Stand Up For What You Believe In

Have the tenacity and willingness to stand for what you believe in. Oftentimes the internal sufferings come from you holding back and not being true to what you want out of your life. Learning how to speak and live your truth is the foundation for healing – mind, body, spirit. It’s great to get advice and glean from other people, but at the end of the day, you are the manager of your life. There is a YouTuber that often says, ” Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes”. Keep searching…keep digging…keep evolving, and keep meditating. Here’s a podcast about standing for what you believe in.

Find a soulful community to be your accountability as well during this transition of love. Learn to love and learn to serve your community and the people around you. Use different video platforms, whether it’s YouTube or TikTok, or something else to share your thoughts and your truth. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just use the basic functions, and get that message out! Time for a new energy, continue to gravitate towards nature. Remember self development is just what you need. Implement these tips as preparation of the next age that we are about to embark on. Self love is the greatest self care, If it’s meant to be, it must first start with you. As always, remember to share this love with others.

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