Love What You Eat

Love what you eat. – Hicunni Chandler



Love what you eat

Why? Because you need some pleasure in your life. Eating is more than just something you check off your to do list every day just to make sure you are getting the “right amount” of carbs, fats, and protein. Food should be something that you enjoy by yourself as well as in the company of the people that you love.

Girl, I have been in that place before where I would add things to my shopping list just for the sake of its “health” benefits. I was left more angry than anything, because I so did not enjoy my eating experience. It was more like torture! I realized that I did not have to keep punishing myself for the sake of eating ‘healthy’. Food Freedom!! Besides, the aha moment…there  were so many other options to choose from, why stay in that restrictive place?

Add some food pleasure in your life….you can start with this smoothie…you deserve it!



See the goodies below… go for it! Oh the book I am reading is amazing! GET IT NOW!





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