Mindful Blogging For Beginners What Not To Do

Mindful Blogging For Beginners | What Not To Do

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Mindful blogging for beginners, what not to do.

What if your blog isn’t making money?

What can you do to get that money flowing in abundance?

Just in case you missed it…

A reminder:

Don’t despise small beginnings.

This category of Money Tips and How To Make Money Online is a way to document the journey of this blog, howtoliveintime.com

We officially loaded the first post on 10/20/20, however the goal was to start tracking our earnings for the month of November.

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I shared the income report here for November.

You will see what not to do as a beginner blogger that we did in December.

So this is somewhat of a December earnings report  or income report for blogging.

How Much Did We Make In The Month Of December?

But first – Let’s Look At Where Traffic Came From

Right now, organic traffic has been the focus.

If you look at the screenshot below, you will see how many visitors decided to check out the blog in December.

I’m so stoked because the traffic has almost doubled in a month!

Most is still direct traffic from my blog posts.

Keyword searching has been a huge help –

 in learning how to craft a blog post, being more mindful of what is posted, instead of just throwing content out there.

You know how it is…you want to get that blog post out so bad, you don’t take time to see if the topic is searchable.

A More Detailed Peek- A -Boo

So what the crap is baidu?

Do you know?

Apparently, it’s a search engine mostly catered to the Chinese Market. Interesting…

I was very shocked that my traffic from Pinterest was low to my website. It’s getting lots of eye balls on Pinterest.

Check out my Pinterest and follow.

Part of the Pinterest traffic has to be included in the (Direct) Source. Because all of my blog links are listed in my pin description.

If you want to get more traffic – get a Pinterest account my friend.

How I monetized using free ads

Let’s look at Google Adsense.

Google Adsense – for the month of December, we made….drum roll please….

$0.27  Sucks right?! Totally wasn’t expecting this to be so low! This is something that definitely needs further investigation.

Affiliate Marketing Reject

Ok, so glad that you are still here.

The income from all of my affiliates that are currently promoted on my blog, Godaddy, Namecheap, Office Depot & OfficeMax, Vitamix, and Amazon. is $0.

December was the month to make that money, with the holidays and so many fun things to purchase. But something stopped the money flow.

  A Light Of Hope

You try all the things to get traffic to your website.

The hours spend reading and searching for the right keywords.

Doing all the things to get organic traffic from Pinterest.

All of the affiliate marketing training videos that you have stock piled, to be left with a blog that isn’t as profitable (not even close) as to what you would have liked.

Then you see this…

So global distribution revenue sucks for Lulu.com.

Now do you see why my own printing company is needed. However, the fact that my journals are selling is gold to me.

Sales have been happening almost every month. But

Now the next step is figuring out how to make more money with my own book! $27.99, sold on lulu.com translates to $9…

But when it’s sent by them to Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other platforms, I only make $0.61.


That’s some SH$%%^ Yes, ok, so you understand right?!

You can support my future printing company efforts by joining my patreonhere

I, Hicunni, am being super transparent here.

In a previous state of mind, I would have been very embarrassed to show this data.

It’s great to see how we are starting out and see:

how we can put better strategies in place –

✅ increase traffic to our website

✅ earn and make more money online.

What Not To Do

If you don’t start handling your business as a beginner blogger, you will get crappy results.

If you become more of a mindful blogger and really change your hobby ways…

then you can have much success.

Here are 5 things on What Not To Do so you can start winning at blogging

P.S. learn from me, you have encouraged me to take this advise…thank you!

1️⃣ If you don’t have a goal it’s just a dream.

Do you have a goal for blogging?

It has to be more than to just make money.

Part of mindful blogging is taking notice of what you are doing.

Do a self-care check to see what is the real motivation.

2️⃣ Posting content without doing prior research is dumb.

Keyword research is a must…

Unless you want to get crickets instead of


Shout out to https://straycurls.com/blog/ for recommending this book ➡️ ➡️ ➡️

My analytics are getting better…just saying 🙂

3️⃣ Always have a way to capture emails or keep your hobby.

Finally there’s a popup on this blog! Girl…get that popup up asap!

You need optins all over your blog as well.

When you find out who your niche is –

create optins and a popup as a call to action…

the next steps to fulfill what your customer is looking for.

4️⃣ Too many offerings can leave you broke.

This one should bring you to tears…

Especially if you have been around for a while.

You’ve created all the things, and want to share with the world.

So can relate…

Did you catch the results from my earnings report?

Keep offering the entire spread and you will get those crumbs.

Trust me…I’m taking lots of notes.

Sometimes it takes seeing and hearing it more than one time.

Too tired…let’s crush this!

5️⃣ Don’t you dare give up.

You better not! It is never too late.

How long are you in for?

I’m here for the long haul and quitting is not an option.

Is quitting an option for you?

Keep moving my friend.

Start with 1, “What Not To Do” tips, and implement.

Stay present, aware of what you are offering.

Do your research for your niche.

Tweak as you go.

Document your journey and keep going.

So this was a long blog, but I wanted to make sure everything is documented –

for our How To Live In Time blog for December.

Please feel free to leave a comment –

What are you going to start on first?

 I am still super excited for this mindful living blog and anticipate a very fun and rewarding journey.

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– to get you started with the right mindset –

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