The Untold Story Of Making Money Online

A reminder: Don’t despise small beginnings. This category of Money Tips and How To Make Money Online is a way to document the journey of this blog,

We officially loaded the first post on 10/20/20, however the goal was to start tracking our earnings for the month of November.

There were 3 ways of making money that were tracked for the month of November. You can read in detail our goal here 3 Ways To Monetize Your Blog In November  There are so many ways to make money online, but we wanted to focus our attention on 3 to start.

But first – Let’s Look At Where Traffic Came From

Right now, organic traffic has been the focus. If you look at the screenshot below, you will see how many visitors decided to check out the blog.

So 17 doesn’t seem like an awful lot of visitors for a month, however, I am grateful. 7 out of 17 returned so that’s 7 lives that found value and can share with others.

Definitely, Google Analytics in depth training is on my list!!! As you can see below, most of the traffic isn’t coming from a social media platform. So my question is, what are they searching for to find this blog? 

I did add Yoast SEO and started playing around with keywords (this is another thing on my to do list…learn SEO! ). Geez, there’s so much to learn. It’s more to it than just posting and putting up pretty images! Hey if you have a great course to recommend for this, drop me a comment!

These traffic sources are a little skewed maybe since I do use BuildRedirects for most of my links to track conversions on that platform. There’s a wonder if I should be using both….hmmm. Who knows! But I will find out! (update per my husband, not true, based on what Buildredirects is used for….the conversion tracking stats is part of the Direct traffic. So, I still need BuildRedirects learn more here

So I need to find out, again, how are people finding me on google!

There aren’t many clicking on the blog logo that I included on the sidebar on my author website,…so we need to add more information about this blog throughout the author website.

So, (the source above) actually is broken up into about 16 pages, and is actually blog posts. (see below)

How I monetized using free ads

Let’s look at Google Adsense.

Google Adsense – so for the month of November, we made….drum roll please….

$1.48  So…looks like this blog is in need of more quality traffic! But there’s still room for celebration…I made money . Ha! It’s a start! There was already $2.73 in the account when I started with this blog.

3 ways we focused on monetizing this blog in November

   1. Affiliate Marketing – Unfortunately, this area was dry last month. 3 of the affiliates that were highlighted this month are listed in my CJ Affiliate accout. They are: Godaddy, Namecheap, Office Depot & OfficeMax, and my all time favorite Vitamix. The other one is Amazon. I have screenshots below of our progress.

CJ Affiliate total for November 2020

Amazon total for November 2020

    2. Book Sales- UPDATED 1/5/20 I had a sale on 11/30/20, it posted late. I have included the screenshot below.

None posted in my lulu portal, but the last sale I received was the end of October. Do you see how much was made via Amazon?

Now do you see why my own printing company is needed. You can support this effort by joining my patreon here

   3. Patreon – I started to add a little content then stopped. Should more content be added even though no one joined? Should I wait until people arrive so it won’t look too silly having all that content when no one is there to glean from it.

I, Hicunni, am being super transparent here. In a previous state of mind, I would have been very embarrassed to show this data. It’s great to see how we are starting out and see how we can put better strategies in place to increase traffic to our website and earn and make more money online.

Lessons Learned To Improve for December

  1. More posting is needed for Pinterest to increase the number of visitors to my blog. More visitors, more return visitors, the likelihood of someone buying one of my offerings.

  2. Ramp up promotions on my podcast. Which means, I need to verbally share what’s new for the week and month. Yikes, for almost a year since I started my podcast, I haven’t promoted much…mostly just listing my offering on my author website.

  3. Add a popup!!! Oh my goodness! Why don’t we have one already? This needs to be added this week!

So this was a long blog, but I wanted to make sure everything is documented for our How To Live In Time blog for November.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any tips for this newbie. I am still super excited for this mindful living blog and anticipate a very fun and rewarding journey.

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