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Episode 207: Pre-Anniversary Vibes: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Hey there! Can you believe it? We’re on the brink of celebrating four amazing years together, and it’s got me reflecting on the incredible journey we’ve shared. From laying the foundations for creating healthy habits to exploring mindful movements, and becoming the best version of yourself, each week has been a stepping stone toward creating […]

Episode 206: Mindful Moves: Navigating Fitness and Mindfulness

Hey there, welcome to the Conversations with Hicunni podcast! Today, we’re diving into the world of mindful movement—fitness with a mindful twist that’s perfect for our midlife wellness junkies seeking balance. And guess what? We’re just weeks away of celebrating 4 awesome years, reaching over 33 countries and territories. Cheers to each and every one […]

Episode 205: Wellness Foundations: Building the Blueprint for a Better You

Are you running around aimlessly or at your breaking point?   Having a balanced and fulfilling life – What does that really look like? (When you really think about that…)  As we are well into the holiday/unholiday season. It looks different to everyone. Alot of times people are running around trying to get last-minute gifts. […]

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