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?️Episode 146. 4 of the Biggest Nutrition Mistakes That Most People Make And How To Avoid Them – Mind Your Business Series

I have the pleasure of hosting my second interview for our Mind Your Business Series with Robin Allen.

Robin Allen is a mother, nutritionist, entrepreneur, the founder of Necessary Nutrition, Inc and the creator of the Necessary Nutrition brand of Vitamin D3.

Necessary Nutrition recently celebrated its 14th year in business. Over the years, Robin has inspired thousands of people to use food and nutrition to build and repair their bodies, and continues to connect others to resources and tools to live a peaceful, health filled life.

Robin’s personal journey to living a healthy life fuels her passion for helping women over 40 understand the best practices for longevity. At 30 years old, she was pregnant, pre-diabetic, overweight and passed out one day. This pivotal moment awakened her to the realization that she didn’t know how to feed her soon to be daughter or herself.

Committed to changing, she hired a trainer/ nutritionist who helped her regain her health and ignited a desire in Robin to learn as much as possible about health and wellness. Since then, Robin became a certified nutritionist and created the brand of supplements such as Vitamin D that women over 40 need.

Due to the success of Necessary Nutrition, she has been featured on CNN Headline News, and countless other media outlets sharing her insight on food, nutrition and life.

On a personal note, Robin uses her life lessons, blessings, and trials to strategically design her life; taking risks and being uncomfortable in order to grow. She subscribes to the motto “feel the fear and do it anyway.”

Robin received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada (1996), and her Master’s from the University of Redlands (2001) and an additional nutrition certification from the Global College of Natural Medicine (2008).

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The Key Takeaways are:

  1. Understand what nutrition is
  2. Understand the purpose of combining protein and good fat with food items.
  3. Take a look at the 5 people that you eat with
  4. Make sure your Vitamin D levels are up to par.

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