Teaching Empaths How To Navigate Through Life and Business – Special Guest: Rosie Velasquez – Mind Your Business Series

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🎙️Episode 147. Teaching Empaths How To Navigate Through Life and Business - Mind Your Business Series

I have the pleasure of hosting my third interview for our Mind Your Business Series with Rosie Velasquez.

Rosie Velasquez- Energy Alchemist-Mentor-Weaver-Storyteller is a practitioner of various mystical arts sharing them with all seekers.

A lifelong learner, she draws from ancestral shamanic techniques (curanderismo) and incorporates her formal training in geomancy (communing with Earth), sound and color therapy, BTB feng shui, Coach certification and clinical hypnotherapy to brings a unique  and holistic approach to help Empaths learn to use their unique intuitive gifts.

Rosie is a graduate of Mindful Design Feng Shui School, Institute of the Psychology of  Eating, Grace Space Hypnotherapy School, a member of Knights Rose House Healing Network, Certified with the Auster Sound Method, Member of American Society of Dowsers, and International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

You do not want to miss this episode - make sure you stay until the end.

Grab your smoothie or cup of tea and join the conversation.  Let’s Go!

The Key Takeaways are:

  1. If something doesn’t feel good take notice
  2. Take time to allow your body to rest
  3. If someone has done before, it means that there is a market for it

Do you need help finding your gift and soul purpose?

Do you need help finding out how to use those gifts in every area of your life? 

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It’s time to raise your frequency and own who you are!

Thank you for tuning into this Mind Your Business Series on Conversations With Hicunni 

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Timeless Treasures + Final Thoughts:

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