211: Mike Cee’s Power Hour Fitness: Strength, Cardio, Flexibility Over 40

A survey went out “What is the number one fitness item on your to-do list?”

Mike Cee responded and said ”Strength training,  cardio, and stretching.”

Hey there, Fit Fam Over 40!! Welcome back to another episode of “How To Be Fit Over 40: Midlife Conversations with Hicunni.” I’m your host, Hicunni, and today’s episode is all about stepping into a great year of fitness with the number one item on your to-do list.

Grab your smoothie or cup of tea and join the conversation. Let’s go!

More about this podcast this year (Year 4: Formally known as Conversations with Hicunni podcast):

In each episode, we’ll have bite-sized conversations about the #1 fitness item on your to-do list for the year. Whether it’s incorporating mobility exercises, mastering strength training without weights, or nourishing your body with a mindful approach, we’ll cover the essentials in a way that fits seamlessly into your busy life.

Midlife is a new beginning; together, we’ll redefine what it means to be fit over 40.

Get ready for Midlife Conversations with Hicunni, where simplicity meets fitness, and your best self awaits!


Here’s a detailed full-body workout that incorporates strength training, cardio, and stretching with minimal to no weights. Perform each exercise for 3 sets with 12-15 repetitions for strength exercises and 30-60 seconds for cardio exercises. Remember to warm up before starting and cool down afterward.

Warm-Up (5-10 minutes):

  • Jumping jacks: 2 minutes
  • High knees: 2 minutes
  • Arm circles: 1 minute
  • Leg swings: 1 minute
  • Dynamic lunges: 1 minute

Strength Training (30 minutes):

  • Bodyweight Squats:
  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Lower down as if sitting in a chair, keeping your chest up.
  • Push through your heels to return to the starting position.
  • Push-Ups:
  • Keep your body in a straight line from head to heels.
  • Lower your chest towards the ground and push back up.
  • Lunges:
  • Step forward with one leg, lowering your hips until both knees are bent at a 90-degree angle.
  • Push off the front foot to return to the starting position.
  • Tricep Dips:
  • Use a sturdy chair or bench.
  • Lower your body by bending your elbows, then push back up.
  • Plank:
  • Maintain a straight line from head to heels, engaging your core.
  • Hold for 30-60 seconds.
  • Bridge:
  • Lie on your back with knees bent, lift your hips towards the ceiling.
  • Squeeze your glutes at the top.

Cardio (15 minutes):

  • Jump Rope (or imaginary jump rope):
  • 3 minutes of continuous jumping.
  • High Knees:
  • Jog in place, lifting your knees as high as possible.
  • 3 minutes.
  • Mountain Climbers:
  • Start in a plank position and alternate bringing your knees towards your chest.
  • 2 minutes.
  • Burpees:
  • From standing, jump, drop into a push-up, then jump back up.
  • 3 sets of 10 burpees.

Stretching and Cool Down (10 minutes):

  • Hamstring Stretch:
  • Seated or standing, reach for your toes, holding for 30 seconds on each leg.
  • Chest Opener:
  • Clasp your hands behind your back, opening up your chest.
  • Hold for 30 seconds.
  • Hip Flexor Stretch:
  • Step one foot forward into a lunge position.
  • Hold for 30 seconds on each side.
  • Shoulder Stretch:
  • Bring one arm across your body and gently press it with the opposite hand.
  • Hold for 30 seconds on each side.
  • Child’s Pose:
  • Kneel on the ground, sit back on your heels, and reach your arms forward.
  • Hold for 1 minute.

Per science (always do your research/consult a physician), this comprehensive workout targets major muscle groups, improves cardiovascular fitness, and enhances flexibility, all in less than an hour with little to no equipment. Adjust the intensity based on your fitness level and gradually progress as you become more comfortable with the routine.

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What’s your #1 fitness item on your to-do list for the year?

Text me your choice (864-406-9109) so we can hold each other accountable.

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Together, we’ll create a life where fitness thrives harmoniously with your work, family, and personal well-being. Let’s embark on this journey of balance and well-being together!

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